Playground Surfacing


Playground Safety Surfacing

When it comes to any outdoor play area it’s important to ensure that the children who are using the surface are kept as safe as possible and have an enjoyable environment, where they can take part in a range of different activities and learning experiences.

Falcon Surfacing specialise in safety flooring and playground surfacing, installing outdoor surfacing at schools, nurseries, parks and public recreational areas where children are running, playing and using equipment like climbing units and activity trails.

The flooring that we commonly install to playgrounds and are most often asked about are our wet pour rubber surfacing products.

This is the most popular safety flooring for areas where young children will be playing, due to its safe surface density which meets the necessary British and European Safety Standards and the Critical Fall Height (CFH) requirement, where children are climbing and playing at height.


Wet pour safety surfacing is available in a range of vibrant colours, including multiple blues, greens, reds, purples, oranges, yellows, pinks and even multi-coloured graphics. Wet pour safety flooring is porous, UV protected, durable and non-toxic.

Wet pour safety surfaces are made using a two tiered layered system; this includes the base layer and the top wearing course layer.

The base layer is made up of 100% recycled Styrene Butadiene rubber crumb granules and it is mixed with a binder, this is normally 2-6mm thick but it can vary to meet the required CFH (Critical Fall Height) standards.

When the shock pad is installed, the next step of the wet pour specification is to install the wearing course, this is commonly 1-4mm EPDM rubber that is mixed with the polyurethane resin and poured onto the shock pad.