Hertfordshire Road Surfacing

Falcon Surfacing are based in London, and have been providing high quality surfacing solutions to a range of different markets both in the public and private sectors for many years. Falcon Surfacing’s expertise and wealth of knowledge have allowed us to complete hundreds of varied projects. Every project we undertake comes with solid planning and a guarantee that our work will produce minimal impact for road users, whilst providing the highest quality road surface available.

Hertfordshire road surfacing are used by all kinds of transportation from bicycles to buses so it’s important that the finished surface is perfect, allowing the road to be used by the public without failure or mishap.

For all surfacing, resurfacing and repair work we use tarmac compressing roller equipment, this machine compacts the bitumen elements and binds them together whilst hot, once cooled the surface is tough and smooth. Small or hard to reach areas are laid by hand in order to achieve the same high standard.

Falcon Surfacing have resurfaced many private London roads and drive ways. Contact us today with your requirements.

Other Services

As well as road surfacing, we also offer these services in and around London:


Falcon Surfacing road surfacing